Monday, November 17, 2008

Finnley's 2nd Birthday

OK, So I know it isn't till February but I've got the birthday bug!! I started looking around yesterday for ideas and I think we are going to have A Wonder Pets party! I've found some really great stuff..

Instead of games or treat bags I am going to have an Etsy Mom make me super hero capes with the Wonder Pet Logo.. I am so excited! Finn really loves the Wonder Pets so I thought it would fit.. And when I saw the cake and the cupcakes I was sold! They even have the step by step instructions on making them. Sometime over the next few weekends I will try and make them and see if it is something I can do.. Otherwise I will pass it off to my cake lady!
I am glad I started thinking early because now I will have time to save for it all! Yay for Birthdays!!!

The Cake... I think I will do a mini dairy and egg free cake like this for Finn.

Ming Ming Cupcake



I wont order all this but atleast the plates and napkins..
And the capes!! I am so excited for those!


Finleypotamus said...

Awww that's sooo cute! Finnley will love it. You are such a good mom, always on the ball!

Jennifer said...

OMG those Ming Ming cupcakes are worth a party all by themselves! Your guests will LOOOOVE the capes!

I am thinking Riley will have a Noggin party too, but he's all about Wubbzy. Did you see any stuff w/him on it?

Anonymous said...

Those are friggin CUTE!!! I love love love the cape idea!! You are too cool! I wanna be invited ;)

Erika said...

great idea! see im glad im not the only one planning a bday! LOL
but w the holidays and stuff feb gets here pretty quickly!