Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Naked Artist!!!

LOL, I gotta admit Travis sure can surprise me.. It's things like this that make me remember why I love him so. Last night I was busy with dinner and then afterwards got on the computer when Travis was giving Finn a bath.. Looking back I realize that they were in there for a long time but I didn't notice it last night.. I guess I really am lost to the world when on the computer oops!!

This morning I woke up to Finn's first finger painting! Travis totally tricked me and had her in the bathroom finger painting while I thought she was getting a bath! It was a nice surprise and he was even thoughtful enough to take pics!! Who would've thought?! I had to do some editing though cause he had her in just a dipe and she decided she was a more creative artist if she painted in the nude LOL! So anyway here are the pics!


Italy said...

That is really super super sweet! She did a great job, Mama! (Random thought: I have that rug in your bathroom too!)

Jenifer said...

:-) That has to be the sweetest gift ever! I'm so glad he did something so thoughtful for you on your bday!! Happy 25th Mama!

Finleypotamus said...

P.S. Italy is me (Shannon). I was signed into my alternate gmail account when I posted that one (the account I use for msg boards, freecycle, etc.). Oops!

Anonymous said...

Awww those are too cute!! How sweet of T!! You are a lucky momma!!