Friday, November 14, 2008

To Decorate or Not to Decorate...

That! Is the question!!

LOL, man I am totally wanting to get my decorations for Christmas going.. I know I know, It's not even Thanksgiving yet but I LOVE Christmas!! Every year I always get the stuff out uber early.. Usually the weekend after my birthday but I think I'm gonna get started this weekend.

This the first Christmas in our new home and both of us are excited for it.. I'm also thinking that if I get everything put up that by the time we get our tree Finn will be used to seeing everything and won't be getting into it all the time.. This will also be the first year we have a real big tree.. We usually just use our tried and true three footer (which I am still going to put up LOL)

Getting those decorations up always puts me in the Christmas spirit and I can't wait!! I may even wrap some of Finn's present so I can put them under the tree!! Yippee!!

I am leaving work early today at 8:30. I've got a dr appt at 10a for a med check and to get this huge lump in my next checked out.. I'm hoping its just lymphnodes but it's growing and has been there for over a month.. Eek! Someone told me its a good sign that it hurts though.. because cancer can't hurt.. Not sure if that's true but I'll buy it till I hear otherwise.. Hopefully it's not a tuma!

Travis took off today also so after the Dr. we are going to take Finn to the Train Museum up the street from our house.. She loves her "choo choo's" so we thought she would enjoy it.. That and I need to do something for this damn Flat Stanley that I STILL haven't done.. I'm such a bad aunt! So Flat Stanley is going to visit the Mulvane Train Museum.. LOL..

I hope everyones day goes great!! Casey I can't wait to see Baby J and hear his name!! I'm sitting on pins and needles for ya!! Easy labor dust sent your way!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECCA!!

Later Dudes!


Jennifer said...

Just be sure to do some before & after pics of your decorations!

Flat Stanley @ the Train Museum sounds perfect! You are a great auntie :)

Erika said...

u know dh has been buggin me to decorate as well!!! LOL but our fam tradition is we decorate the fri after tnxgiving and that weekend!! we dont have much decorations but what we do is replace all the pics in our bookshelves w holiday related items from yrs past, like teddy bears, books, candles etc.

Karla said...

I say go for it!! Your house, your decorations, your Christmas ---Do whatever the hell you want!!!

Jenifer said...

*chants* Put them up! Put them up!....hee hee!

Dustin has been just dying to get Christmas stuff up. We usually do it before Thanksgiving b/c that's when we put MIL's up for her and we like to get it done before it gets TOO cold. I say if you have the hankerin' to do it....go for it. But, YES, LOTS of pics!!! :-D