Sunday, January 18, 2009

JennDear Strikes Again!!

Ok, seriously folks.. Can she be anymore creative?!?! Everytime I order something from her I am always just blown away. I asked her if she could make a Paper Bag Album for the guy I work with whose twin grandbabies were born at 23 weeks. One of the babies passed away early on but the other little miracle actually got to come home last week after being in the NICU since August. She is an amazing little girl and not only did I work with her Grandfather but I also went to highschool with her Daddy. After having my own NICU experience I felt very close to them and wanted them to have a gift that would mean a lot. And what better gift then this?! Like always Jenn went above and beyond and made something so beautiful I considered keeping it myself! It's the biggest and grandest book I've gotten so far.. I've got an addiction to her work and am constantly finding new things to have her work on! I only took a few pictures of the book because I can never take them well enough to show all the detailed work. Here is a link to it on her Myspace.

Isn't it GREAT!!

Look at that sparkle!!

And here it is with all the cute wrapping she sent with it! It was wrapped already but I very carefully opened it! He he he, I couldn't resist! Plus I had to take pics!!
And then to top it all off the little stinker that she is sent me another pink and brown box!! Yippee! Thank you so much Jenn for another amzing box o goodies!! I love it all!! And I already used the tape measure to hang your amazing letters (which deserves a blog all their own) Thank you sooooooooo much! You rock!!
Finn loves those cookies!! She runs around the house with them and then yells BITE and shoves them in her or our mouths LOL!

The loot!! Even the envelopes to her cards are creative!! I swear all this just screams Jenn!! There is a 2009 planner, a desktop calendar, notebook, post its, altered binder clips, FELT SUGAR COOKIES, a too cute tape measure, memo pad, a while you were out notepad, cute little Diva tickets, a SNOW BABY and the cutest magnets with the most awesomeness story I've ever read!!!!

And this is the Snow Baby which I collect! And it's soooo cool and special I cried when I saw it!

And these two magnets are about the cutest damn thing I've ever seen! And Jenn pointed out that even their names start with S & J! The story is sooo us! These are made by another PW mom who has a shop on Etsy. I love Etsy stuff!!

Upclose to read the story...

Thanks again for everyting Jenn! You always go above and beyond. I wish I had half of your imagination!


Jennifer said...

Holy crap you're blogging again. And I like your layout!

You are so very welcome for everything, and if I had my way I'd be sending you boxes like that once a week! Actually you'd live next door to me if I had my way!

Anonymous said...

A blog? You actually found your way back here?? You really need to write more often on here!! Don't ya know that we LOVE your windy stories!!!
I love all your Jenn stuff!! She is totally talented and creative!!!

Velia said...

Hey Stevie, is good to hear from you. Absolutely love your new closet layout. Thanks for this post. I need some JennDear magic on a few projects I have in mind.

Erika said...

the book looks great how did they like it?
everytime I see pretty paper i think if JEN! LOL