Thursday, January 29, 2009

Need a break...

I need a break from the radio and news, everything is SO depressing. Everywhere we turn it is layoffs and job cuts. I'm scared for everyone, but it's really freaking me out that Travis and I are both in aircraft, living in a city that is dominated by aircraft and are in the middle of unbelievable job cuts. Everyday it seems the next big company is announcing huge numbers. Even Travis who works in a small company that only has 200 people are effected. The are laying off at least 30% and started last Friday. Yesterday Boeing announced 5,500 on top of the 4,500 already announced, Cessna just announced 4,600 and last week it was Hawker with 2,200. It's seems my company is the only one who hasn't announced any but it is inevitable.

But you know, I am really scared that I will get laid off BUT I am also looking at this as my chance to get out of a job I am not satisfied with. I've been missing dental a lot. I never realized how passionate about it I am until it was gone. And even though I've been putting my resume out there it has been against Travis' wishes. It's not that he doesn't want me to be happy but he is scared about me leaving a job with good benefits and 401K well what good are those things if there is a chance of losing that job everytime something happens with the economy? It's not worth it. And who cares about the insurance, I don't even use it cause I am on Travis' and if he is worried about me not having the 401K then we will just raise the percentage on his. PLUS most dentist only work 4 days a week so that right there is a savings of $100 a month from not having Finn in daycare that extra day. All those things are good points but I can't make him see it. And unless I found some dream dental job with benefits, awesome pay and dependent care I couldn't comfortably leave Spirit. I'd feel guilty everytime something was tight and I would worry about Travis holding it against me. But I can't help it if I was laid off right?!?! So enough of this worrying shit... I need to look at it as a blessing in disguise. If I'm laid off then I get to claim unemployment for awhile, stay home with my girl and look for a job in a field I love and can excel in AND it would all be guilt free... The power of positive thinking right!?!

On a different note I am soo anxious about getting our taxes done this weekend.. We are planning a trip to Phoenix in October for Miss Jenndears wedding and I am ready to get things booked and paid for! Travis and I have taken lots of vacations but it has always been with my family. This will be our very first family vacation on our own and I can't wait. And the best part is, is that it's far enough away that I can realistically save for it so we can not only get to go but have enough money to enjoy ourselves. My aunt and uncle live in AZ too so all the way around it will be a fantastic trip!!! WOOT WOOT!

Wow, I am finally starting to fully grasp how great this blogging is... I've felt so crappy the last few days and have been so angry but after typing out all of this I actually feel a little better. Better start doing this more often!


Karla said...

Love you Stevie! Hope everything works out for the best!!!

Anonymous said...

Aww Hon... things have a way of working itself out! On another note... (SPAM alert) you could always start your own business selling Scentsy!!
I have no idea what it feels like to go to work with the fear of losing your job! That must weigh a ton on you! I am sorry and hopefully things work out for the best for ya!! HUGS N More HUGS!!

Jennifer said...

I don't know my reader didn't show me this they day you posted it...but anyway...

It has really been hard to keep a positive attitude if you watch the news! Things are definitely bad but you can only do one day at a time. Like you said if you get laid off, it will be a chance to go back to what you really want to do.

Travis is a buttface.

Stevie said...

LMAO!! Jenn I LOVE YOU!! Travis is a buttface!!!

Thanks girls you guys are my rock!