Monday, January 26, 2009

The Wrath of Ava

These pictures don't even do it justice. My poor girl will randomly point to them and say Boo Boo.. I can't believe a two year old could be this violent in a small amount of time.. All of this was done in a matter of minutes... I took these last night in the bath. Luckily they are healing nicely and aren't getting infected...

The two worst ones.. the one above her butt bled a long time..

You probably can't tell but there are 5 marks in this picture.. 3 are bites.

The one I found last night..
And a smile just to show you how forgiving she is!

And cheesing it up this morning.. Notice Dad thought it would be "rock star" (those are his words) to pop her collar.. He's such a goof! I told him Donetta doesn't know about popping collars and that she'll probably just think we are sloppy! LOL

Loving her man!


Karla said...

Poor Finn! I hurt for both you and her. At least she isn't all upset to have to go to Donnetta's. She's a tough cookie!

Jennifer said...

That outfit is so cute!!!

I really hope that was the last time ever that Ava hurts Finn. She's had way too many chances IMO

Anonymous said...

Poor Finners!!! That Ava needs a spanking!! Maybe you need to let Travis at the daddy!! Ok.. well it probably won't solve the problem but Ava is really crying out for attention seems like. Justin does everything his older brother taught him so maybe Ava has learned and now is using it to get attention from someone not giving it to her...aka her parents!!!
Maybe invite the offender and her parents over one night to discuss the issue?
so sorry.. I wish i had better answers for you!!
She is as cute as ever!! I can't wait to see her with a full head of hair!!!

Erika said...

yikes poor Fin! she's a doll though and looks so sweet!

Jill said...

LOVE the outfit and that last picture's adorable!

Finleypotamus said...

Poor Finnley! Big hugs. I hope she gets a reprieve soon. She is adorable with her popped collar. Finley is here and was waving at the pics lol.