Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blogging to blog.. And to share some pics!

It's been awhile since I have blogged and I am trying to put off an expense report at work as long as possible so hear I am! Nothing to exciting going with us just dealing with Finn and her ever growing attitude, whether it be good or bad! She is such a little spitfire! She got put in time out this morning before 6 am even for kicking Daddy in the shins because she wanted to wear a pair of shoes that are too small. Mental note - time to clean out the closets!!

I've taken a lot of pics lately and posted them all on FB and Myspace but I figured WTH I will post some of my favorites here.. Ok so after I finished I realized I lied, I'm posting A LOT not some of my favorites!! LOL!

My friend Lindsey came over a couple fridays ago with her daughter Sydney who just turned two.. Finn and her have been "friends" since birth but this time was soooo much fun watching them play. They totally hit it off and it warmed my heart to hear their giggles when they thought no one was watching.. I can't wait till it's time for them to have sleep overs!! So much fun!!

They look incredibly sweet and innocent here... oh what a camera can do!! LOL!

I LOVE this picture!! So precious!

Having way to much fun in the tent!!!

Baby giggles! I love that I caught this on film!!!

The Sydster!

Chicken nugget anyone?! I like how colorful this picture is..

One of my faves right now... She picked out her outfit, yellow pants, yellow shirt and yellow socks.. She is definitely her fathers daughter!

You'd never think looking at this picture that she is capable of knocking you off your feet with on swift kick to the shin!
Showing off

Daddy, Finn and the dogs!

I love my sweet girl!

Is she telling me to kiss her butt?!?!?


She looks so big to me in this picture...
Love my happy girl!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Momma It's Broke..

So I'm driving home with Finn yesterday. She is coloring on her magna doodle that we keep in the car. I'm driving down the road and all of the sudden she makes eye contact with me in the rear view mirror and says "Momma It's Broke" clear as day while she holds up the magna doodle pen. Turns out she had pulled on it to hard and pulled the string that keeps it attached off.

I was blown away! She is doing well with her talking and puts certain sentences together and has her typical phrases but to just pop off with something like that I could not believe. It was the first time she said something to me that we hadn't "worked" on. I was SO proud! So I say to her oh it's broke and she shakes her head yes and says "uh huh it's broke".

I'm going to miss her baby babble when it's gone but having that happen last night had me SO excited for when we really get to communicate. I always fantisize about how great it will be to discuss her day with her on the car ride home etc. and it looks like it is starting!!

What happened to my little baby?

Peace out dudes!