Thursday, March 5, 2009

Momma It's Broke..

So I'm driving home with Finn yesterday. She is coloring on her magna doodle that we keep in the car. I'm driving down the road and all of the sudden she makes eye contact with me in the rear view mirror and says "Momma It's Broke" clear as day while she holds up the magna doodle pen. Turns out she had pulled on it to hard and pulled the string that keeps it attached off.

I was blown away! She is doing well with her talking and puts certain sentences together and has her typical phrases but to just pop off with something like that I could not believe. It was the first time she said something to me that we hadn't "worked" on. I was SO proud! So I say to her oh it's broke and she shakes her head yes and says "uh huh it's broke".

I'm going to miss her baby babble when it's gone but having that happen last night had me SO excited for when we really get to communicate. I always fantisize about how great it will be to discuss her day with her on the car ride home etc. and it looks like it is starting!!

What happened to my little baby?

Peace out dudes!


Velia said...

Stevie is amazing how much they are growing. One morning while getting ready for work Diego walked in our room saw daddy sleeping and with his cute voice said "mommy dadddy night night shhh shhh" I thought it was the most adorable thing ever. I had one of those mommy proud moment. I'm sure we'll have more days where they will make us smile so big our faces will hurt. She is to cute in that photo. BTW I know I'm late but Happy B-lated birthday Fin.

Jennifer said...

Awwwwwwwwww, that picture is so cute! They are getting too big and too smart way too fast.

Erika said...

awww How cute!!! she is soo smart!!!
K cracks us up w smart comments all the time, where do they lear tis stuff?! LOL

Jenifer said...

Aww!!! Look at little Miss Finnley being a smartie pants. :-) Ha ha! She's such a doll. I know that just makes us as mothers so proud and achy all at the same time. Our babies aren't babies anymore. :-( They are gowing WAY too fast!!!