Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some new Finn pics..

I have had these on my Myspace since the weekend but have meant to get them on here.. So here are some new pics of my sweetheart!! She is starting to look sooooo old!!

This is a hand-me-down that Finn got this week.. Holy crap she loves it!!!!
This is probably my new fave pic of her..
Playing Peek-a-Boo behind the door.
So sweet..
LMAO and these pics just crack me up!! All these funny faces in a matter of seconds! I printed them and put them all up side by side on m y fridge.. they make me smile!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Naked Artist!!!

LOL, I gotta admit Travis sure can surprise me.. It's things like this that make me remember why I love him so. Last night I was busy with dinner and then afterwards got on the computer when Travis was giving Finn a bath.. Looking back I realize that they were in there for a long time but I didn't notice it last night.. I guess I really am lost to the world when on the computer oops!!

This morning I woke up to Finn's first finger painting! Travis totally tricked me and had her in the bathroom finger painting while I thought she was getting a bath! It was a nice surprise and he was even thoughtful enough to take pics!! Who would've thought?! I had to do some editing though cause he had her in just a dipe and she decided she was a more creative artist if she painted in the nude LOL! So anyway here are the pics!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Finnley's 2nd Birthday

OK, So I know it isn't till February but I've got the birthday bug!! I started looking around yesterday for ideas and I think we are going to have A Wonder Pets party! I've found some really great stuff..

Instead of games or treat bags I am going to have an Etsy Mom make me super hero capes with the Wonder Pet Logo.. I am so excited! Finn really loves the Wonder Pets so I thought it would fit.. And when I saw the cake and the cupcakes I was sold! They even have the step by step instructions on making them. Sometime over the next few weekends I will try and make them and see if it is something I can do.. Otherwise I will pass it off to my cake lady!
I am glad I started thinking early because now I will have time to save for it all! Yay for Birthdays!!!

The Cake... I think I will do a mini dairy and egg free cake like this for Finn.

Ming Ming Cupcake



I wont order all this but atleast the plates and napkins..
And the capes!! I am so excited for those!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

LOL I'm such a Christmas nerd!!!

Ok so if my town can hang Christmas lights on the building, wreathes from the telephone poles and play Christmas music on the radio all day then I can put my decorations up! And I did too! I spent all day Saturday doing it and I am loving the ambience of my Winter Wonderland. I just love having all the lights off and sitting in a room filled with Christmas lights. It gets me in the Christmas spirit. After I got everything put up I was still feeling productive and got all the presents wrapped so far. My tree was looking bare without them. So yay for finally having a house big enough for a big tree! I went a little nuts in the ornament department but it was my Birthday present from Travis. I even got another house for my village. It is Mrs. Clauses Bakeshop.

So I am all giddy and happy that its this time of season. They even played the Grinch Who Stole Christmas last night. I watched it snuggled into the couch with my eggnog by the lights of the tree! So yes I am a total Christmas nerd! Who cares if everyone thinks I'm nuts. Whats the point of taking all the time to put it up if you can't have the time to enjoy it.

Here are some pics. They aren't the greatest but you get the idea. I love this blogging stuff.. I can put as many as I want and not feel bad!!

Our version of the stocking were hung by the chimney with care..

Whoever lived here before us already had perfectly postioned nails for the stockings.

One of my nutcrackers and our Nebraska Huskers Santa.

My Winter Wonderland Village!

All lit up!

From the side

The entry way..

My latest edition.. There are elves working inside behind the glass!

The tree!

Close up

In the dark

Friday, November 14, 2008

To Decorate or Not to Decorate...

That! Is the question!!

LOL, man I am totally wanting to get my decorations for Christmas going.. I know I know, It's not even Thanksgiving yet but I LOVE Christmas!! Every year I always get the stuff out uber early.. Usually the weekend after my birthday but I think I'm gonna get started this weekend.

This the first Christmas in our new home and both of us are excited for it.. I'm also thinking that if I get everything put up that by the time we get our tree Finn will be used to seeing everything and won't be getting into it all the time.. This will also be the first year we have a real big tree.. We usually just use our tried and true three footer (which I am still going to put up LOL)

Getting those decorations up always puts me in the Christmas spirit and I can't wait!! I may even wrap some of Finn's present so I can put them under the tree!! Yippee!!

I am leaving work early today at 8:30. I've got a dr appt at 10a for a med check and to get this huge lump in my next checked out.. I'm hoping its just lymphnodes but it's growing and has been there for over a month.. Eek! Someone told me its a good sign that it hurts though.. because cancer can't hurt.. Not sure if that's true but I'll buy it till I hear otherwise.. Hopefully it's not a tuma!

Travis took off today also so after the Dr. we are going to take Finn to the Train Museum up the street from our house.. She loves her "choo choo's" so we thought she would enjoy it.. That and I need to do something for this damn Flat Stanley that I STILL haven't done.. I'm such a bad aunt! So Flat Stanley is going to visit the Mulvane Train Museum.. LOL..

I hope everyones day goes great!! Casey I can't wait to see Baby J and hear his name!! I'm sitting on pins and needles for ya!! Easy labor dust sent your way!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECCA!!

Later Dudes!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Not feeling so good....

I woke up this morning feeling awful!! I am nauseous my stomach is queasy and I just feel off.. I got my flu shot yesterday but I never actually feel sick afterward.. Maybe I was just one day to late getting it.. I am gonna go home.. I haven't missed any work in a long time and I am not gonna let my boss give me any greif.

Talk to you girls later! Make lots of emails for me to read when I wake up! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENN!!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I want this soo bad!!

So Michelle sent this to me a few months ago.. I had been planning on getting a tattoo of an elephant for a long time.. It reminds me of my Finners.. Anyway, I LOVE THIS!!! It's exactly what I was looking for. I had an appointment set up but had to keep moving it because we couldn't afford it.. Finally I just had a friend take my spot..
But man am I jonesing for a tattoo!! I think I want to get it on my wrist.. My birthday is coming up.. maybe this is what I should ask for!
But isn't it CUTE!!!!!?!!!!!?!!!!?!!!! I love how there is a heart in it also.. Just makes the meaning of it for me that much special!

Monday, November 10, 2008

OK now that I have this figured out!!

Ok so thanks to Shannon I figured out how to post pics without them cutting it off so here are some from this weekend. Yay! Finally a place where I don't feel bad to post a gazillion pics!!

She's got all her stuff loaded up and is ready to Go!

After lunch with her aunt Kelli.. Looks like Kelli was DETERMINED to make Finn look at the camera...

She got the wrapping from a pair of socks and this is how I found her! Speak no evil!!

This is the birthday girl Landyn, she is such a doll!!

What are the odds that we would all accidently put our girls in matching shirts!!! 2 shirts between 4 girls! They were all so cute!

My little loner at the party.

So let's get started!!

Ok so I've always wanted to start a blog but never really felt like I had much to talk about.. I must warn you that this little place of mine may just turn into a man hating, work bashing, Finn loving and picture bragging place so viewers beware!! LOL!

This weekend we went to a birthday party for a little 2 year old named Landyn. Her mother and I have known eachother since the womb and I love that we have daughters so close in age. We had a lot of fun but I have to say I am ready for Finn to get some hair!! She looks so much younger then everyone else because she doesn't have any hair! Travis said hey atleast it makes her look like she is super advanced in her abilities because people always assume she is younger then she is. LOL I guess I will stick with that theory as well.

I think we have a bit of a loner on our hands.. Whenever we are in a group setting with other kids Finn always seems to be off on her own.. Don't get me wrong she will still go off and play with the other kids but she also seems to enjoy playing by herself. I hope this attitude of not following the group sticks with her. She isn't off by herself because she is shy but because she wants to be and doesn't NEED to be doing what everyone else is. I love seeing this strong side of her.. She amazes me everyday with her personality that comes through..

Last night I taught her how to give Eskimo kisses and she thinks it is about the coolest thing ever.. She will start wiggling her head back and fourth no matter how far away from me she is. She just loves rubbing noses! We went to lunch with the inlaws yesterday and they brought Finn the cutest little apron.. She just loves to wear it!

Kiss the cook!

Don't worry she washed her hands after this LOL!

Anyway, I guess I will start on getting this whole blog thing figured out.. Hopefully I don't bore you all to death!!